Article 1 (Scope of Terms)
  1. These terms apply to the use of this website provided by KURE GRINDING WHEEL Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “this site”).
  2. Persons using this site (hereinafter “users”) shall use this site in accordance with these terms.
  3. Use of this site by a users implies that user agrees to all of the terms stated here.
Article 2 (Changes to the Terms)
  1. At its own discretion, the company may change these terms at any time for any reason.
  2. The changed terms of use will become effective when they are posted on this site unless otherwise specified by the company.
  3. When a user uses this site after changes to these terms of use have come into effect, the user is deemed to have agreed to all of these post-change terms.
Article 3 (Members)
  1. A member is a user who has applied to the company to use the services related to information provision, exchange, intercommunication, and storage provided through this site (hereinafter “member services”) and has been approved after the examination, processing, and other measures required by the company have been preformed.
  2. Members cannot transfer or loan their membership to use the member services to a third party, nor can they allow a third party to use the member services.
Article 4 (Change Notification)
  1. If a change occurs to the information registered with the company, the member shall use the designated method to promptly notify the company of the changes.
  2. The company shall bear no responsibility for any detriment suffered by the member due to not making the above notification.
Article 5 (Charges for Using the Member Service)

The member service is provided free of charge.

Article 6 (ID and Password Issuance and Corresponding Management Responsibility)
  1. When granting membership for this member service, the company will issue the member and ID and password.
  2. The member shall not transfer, loan, or disclose the issued ID and password to a third party.
  3. The member shall bear full responsibility for the use and management of his/her ID and corresponding password.
  4. If a member losses his/her ID or password, then he/she shall immediately notify the company and follow the instructions given.
    In addition, any use of this member service through the member’s ID and password will be deemed to have been made by the member.
Article 7 (Use for Other than the Specified Purpose is Prohibited)
  1. Members may receive information through this service for internal use only and shall not reproduce, publicize, publish, distribute, or use in any way that exceeds the scope of internal use without the permission of the company.
  2. Members cannot have a third party perform the above infraction.
Article 8 (Prohibited Items)

In addition to acts prohibited by these terms, users and members are strictly prohibited from the following acts when using this site and the member services. Users and members are also prohibited from having a third party perform the same acts.

  1. Any acts that infringe, or might infringe, on the patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights of the company or a third party.
  2. Any acts that infringe, or might infringe, on the property, privacy, honor, or publicity rights of the company or a third party.
  3. Acts using the information or materials obtained via this site or the member services for commercial purposes with a third party.
  4. Acts using this site or the member services in ways not authorized by the company.
  5. Acts transmitting or distributing a computer virus or other harmful computer program, etc.
  6. Acts inhibiting the operation of this site or the member services.
  7. Other acts prohibited by law.
Article 9 (Compensation for Damages)

In the event the company or third party suffers any damages resulting from the infraction of these terms by a user or member, the user or member shall be liable for compensation to the party suffering said damages for all damages occurring as a result of the infraction of these terms.

Article 10 (Changes to Member Service Contents)

The company may change the contents of the member services without prior notification to members.

Article 11 (Temporary Interruption of Provision of Information and Member Services via this Site)
  1. The company may temporarily interrupt the provision of information and member services via this site without prior notice in the event of one of the following.
    1. For regularly scheduled or emergency maintenance of this system or related equipment.
    2. When provision of the communication lines, electricity, etc., used by the company is interrupted.
    3. When this service cannot be provided due to a fire, power outage, or other cause.
    4. In case of an earthquake, typhoon, flood, tsunami, or other natural disaster; or due to an emergency or possible emergency where the law or government instruction requires restrictions on communications, etc.; and when deemed necessary by the company.
    5. In the event of other technical reasons that make provision impossible.
  2. The company shall not be responsible in any way for damages suffered by a user, member, or third party due to the delay or temporary interruption of the provision of information or member services via this site.
Article 12 (Termination of Member Services)

The company may terminate provision of member services after notification of members via the members service made sufficiently in advance.

Article 13 (Withdrawal)

When a member is through using the member services (hereinafter “withdrawal”), said member shall notify the company using the specified method.

Article 14 (Expulsion, etc.)

The company may expel a member or temporarily block the use of his/her ID without prior notice or warning when the member has done one of the following acts.

  1. Provided false information during use
  2. Made unauthorized use of the ID or password
  3. Violated these terms
  4. Performed any other act deemed by the company to be inappropriate for a member
Article 15 (Disclaimer)
  1. The company makes no warranty regarding the completeness, accuracy, utility, recency, veracity, etc., of the information provided via this site and the member services. The company shall not be responsible in any way for the results of any decisions or actions made by the user or member based on the information provided via this site and the member services.
  2. The company makes no warranty regarding the sure provision of, access results, etc., of the member services.
Article 16 (Handling of Personal Information)

The name, e-mail address, or other personal information acquired from the user or member when using this site or the member services shall be handled appropriately as prescribed in the separate Privacy Policy.

Article 17 (Attribution of Intellectual Property)

The intellectual property and all other rights related to all of the data, graphs, tables, software, materials, etc., related to the site and the member services shall be attributable to the company and the providers of information to the company.

Article 18 (Agreed Jurisdiction, etc.)

The governing law for these terms shall be the law of Japan, and should the necessity of a law suit arise from any dispute regarding these terms, this site, or the member services, the agreed jurisdictional court of first resort shall be the Tokyo District Court.