― What is internal grinding? ―

Internal grinding refers to the grinding of internal surface of workpiece
by rotating the grinding wheels at high speed
within the standard of surface roughness, shape, and dimension.
There are four types of internal grinding.
(Standard type / Planetary type / Centerless shoe type / Centerless roller type)

Workpiece ground by internal grinding wheel

Automobile parts : Gear, CVJ, and valve lifter, etc.
Bearings  : Inner ring & Outer ring
Compressor parts  : Cylinder, bearing, roller, etc.
Mold  : General internal grinding such as mold

Types of internal grinding

Difficulty in internal grinding

◆The size of the wheel used in internal grinding is usually considerably small.  The amount of wheel and work in contact at the point of internal grinding  is larger than that of other grinding method,which tends to shorten wheel life.。

◆Wheel wear has a tendency to occur, which contributes  to be difficult in maintaining the grinding accuracy.

◆Most of workpieces are required to be precise.  Therefore, if the wheels are not suitable for applications,  we can not get sufficient operation accuracy.

Requirement of high-level selection of required wheel

KGW’s Internal Grinding Wheel

KGW's Internal Grinding Wheel

#Suitable for complicated materials and hard-to-grind materials

#Our skilled staffs with expertise select suitable wheels to meet our customer’s requirements.

#Our advanced technology and expertise applied by Japanese leading manufacturing company.

Our internal grinding wheel has been applied by many manufacturing companies in Japan and abroad.
Our wheels are suitable for automobile parts, bearings, compressor parts, and general internal grinding such as mold.
We have our factory, and our skilled staffs with expertise select a suitable grinding wheel from various types of abrasives and bonds to meet your required application.

Data of Internal Grinding Wheel