Commitment to crime prevention

◇High security for safetiness of your lives◇

The most common robbery, they enter into the building with the way as follows; they break the window glass, the crescent is removed, then the sash is opened.
“Montage” has the structure considered crime prevention. It is also possible to enhance its anti-crime performance with the option.

Glass adhesive tape which has difficulty to remove fragments


Since the double-glazed (two-piece) glass is adhered to the frame, even if the glass breaks, the broken pieces are not easily removed and the penetration is made difficult.

Auxiliary lock to enhance anti-crime


It has a bootstrap that provides auxiliary lock function by one push operation.
You can also use it as a sash stopper when you want to open the window a little and ventilate it.
(Single hung/Double hung, Single slidered/Double slidered window)

Structures that do not allow to remove the sash


The structure does not allow nor remove the sash from the outside of the room.
Also, the structure can not be removed from the inside of the room unless the shutter is moved to the center.
(Single slidered/Double slidered, Patio door)

Double locks are not easily opened


For windows exceeding a certain size, two locks are installed to enhance security and airtightness.
(Our standard size: Single hung / Double hung window W 800 mm or more, Single slider / Double slider window H 800 mm or more)

Double glazed glass is made for crime prevention which is difficult to be broken


You may choose the double glazed glass which is made for crime prevention and difficult to be broken (Some types of windows are excluded)
We may produce Single hung /Double hung / Double slider / Awning window, those are certified as CP products.