How “Montage” , KGW’s home products are made?

PVC Sash “Montage” is made-to-order all at the Eniwa factory in Hokkaido.
The Eniwa Plant acquired ISO 9001 certification in October 2014 and is working to provide better products and services.

Procedure how “Montage” is made

1. Material acceptance

Material acceptance

The profiles extruded at Royal Co. in North America Co. (Currently Energy Co.) arrives by containers.
Some parts such as glass are procured domestically.

2.Cutting process

Cutting process

Cut the profiles according to the window type and size of customer’s order.
A high-performance cutting machine that can set the length in 0.1 mm increments is used.

3.Punch (drilling ) process

Punch (drilling ) process

The cut profiles is drilled the drain holes etc.
We are using our own developed punching machine specially for “Montage”.

4.Welding process

Welding process

Weld the joints of the four upper and lower, left and right frames.
In order to produce high quality windows, we use high performance welding machine which can weld 4 places at the same time.

5.Deburring process

Deburring process

Remove burrs which were generated during welding process.
Automated corner cleaner is fully used.

6.Assembling process

Assembling process

Assemble small parts such as crescent and drain valve on the frame or sash.

7.Assembling glass process

Assembling glass process

Assemble double glazed glass to the frame or sash.
As ordered, assemble Low-E ・ Clear ・ Tempered Glass etc..

8.Inspection process

Inspection process

Completed products are checked if there is any defect.
The inspection is conducted by skilled inspectors strictly.