“Montage” Renovation window

“Montage” supports not only new housing but also supports renovation.
You can replace the existing aluminum sash with a high thermal insulation PVC sash without extensive construction like breaking the wall.

Outdoor side


On the outdoor side, white stands out and the surroundings become brighter enough making all the difference.

In-room side


The In-room side removed the existing inner window, so the light became more inclusive.

It is comfort as not being double glazed window

imageSince it is not double sashing by adding internal windows, it does not increase the troublesome of opening and closing windows.
There is no need for space like the inner window or things can not be placed on the window pedestal.
Also, double windows tend to condense on the outer windows, so cleaning will be serious, but if you are “Montage Renovation Window” you will not have that kind of problem.

Cover method will shorten the construction term

imageSince it adopts a cover construction method- covering the frame for mounting the montage on the existing aluminum sash frame- it can be remodeled in a shorter construction period than a large-scale construction that breaks the wall.

Window type Can be changed

You can change the kind of windows by changing the window of sliding window as a window for raising and lowering the combination, or by raising and lowering the louver window so that the white sash and glid with high color development turns the house into a more gorgeous impression.


Type of products assured for production

Single hung/Double hung window
Single slider/Double slider window
Casement window
Awning window
Picture window
Patio Door