“Montage” Fire protection window

imagePassed fire protection facility performance evaluation test with PVC sash which is said to be difficult.
Original performance of the PVC sash remains and its level of quality had further evolved.
It is “Montage Fire protection window”









Heat resistant tempered glass with clear visibility

imageFire protection windows is common with wire glass, but “Montage Fire Protection Window” has passed the performance evaluation test on heat resistant with tempered glass without wires.
“PVC Sash” + “Heat-resistant tempered glass” equals to “Montage fire protection window”. It is only one in the world.
The field of view is cleaned and refreshed, and has transparency. There is no longer need to give up the beautiful scenery though fire protection window.

A scene of the fire protection facility performance evaluation test


Type of products assured for production

Single hung window

Picture window

Patio Door

Casement window