”Montage” Specification of Triple Glass

イメージSpecification of Triple Glass which further improved the heat insulation / heat shielding performance of the “Montage” has been added to its product line-ups.
It is the best window for higher performance such as cold region and zero energy housing

More increased insulation performance

イメージTwo layers of hollow layers filled with two Low – E glasses and argon gas placed on both sides of three glasses demonstrate very high thermal insulation and heat shielding performance.
This specification complies the highest grade four star-standards of Energy saving building material.

Composition of glasses

イメージLow – E glasses Triple glass specification:
 Low-E3 – Ar8 – Clear3 – Ar8 – Low-E3mm

Low – E type glasses Triple glass specification:
 Low-E3 – Ar8 – type4 – Ar8 – Low-E3mm

(Ar means argon gas)

Type of products assured for production

Single hung/Double hung window
Single slider/Double slider window
Casement window
Awning window
Picture window
Patio Door