“Montage”s’ 4 FOCUSED POINTS

Evolution theory of the windows

imageInspired from outstanding design and performance from Europe and the US with Japanese quality to deliver. From this idea “Montage” window was created.


Japan does not have much idea of replacing windows, there is frequent replacement of windows in the US that has mainly home renovation market.

European and American window design nartured in culture to enjoy the renovation of windows just like changing clothes, it was natural “Home and Windows have the same lifetime”. And it had attracted Japanese people who emphasized “Durability · Water tightness” more than design. In 1995, KGW had tied up the partnership with Certain Teed Co. and started its assembly production of PVC sashes for the first time in Japan. since then, we have been accumulated various know-hows and achievements.


Aiming further high-quality production, “Montage” was created with a new alliance with Royal North America Co.(Currently Energy Co.). “Montage” is a self-confident work of Kure Grinding Wheel which had made in North America and had evolved for Japan.

For comfortable and ecological life


For fashionable housing


For safety and well-being of your life


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