Attention to heat insulation

◇High insulation for comfort and ecologic life◇

“Montage” is a window with high isolation performance incorporating double glazed glass in PVC frame with thermal conductivity less than 1/1000 of aluminum
It has about four times better insulation performance than aluminum sash, cooler in summer, warmer in winter. You can save a lot of cooling and heating expenses.
It reduces the occurrence of unpleasant condensation in the winter that also causes mold and tick, and supports comfortable and healthy life.

Difference in cooling and heating costs


The high heat insulation performance which improves cooling and heating efficiency and saves 50,800 yen compared to aluminum sash (single in air conditioning / heating cost annually plate glass). We support comfortable living that is friendly to both households and the environment.


【Condition to calculate】
  ● electricity unit price 22 yen / kWh
● kerosene unit price: 80 yen / liter
  ● CO2 emissions: 2.5 kg / liter, 0.555 kg / kWh
  ●Window area per building:36m²
 <During Summer>
  ●Room temperature: 25°C / Outdoor temperature: 30°C
  ●Using time of Air conditioner:12hours / day Total Number of days used:120days
  ●Air conditioner power consumption: 3,000Wh / kWh
 <During Winter>
  ● Room temperature: 20 °C / Outdoor temperature: 5 °C
  ●Stove using time:15hours / day Number of days used:150days
  ●kerosene calorific value: 10,350Wh / liter
 ※The data is calculated on the assumption that only heat can enter and exit through the window.

Low-E double glazed glass with excellent insulation performance


For low-E double glazed glass, we introduced a metal three-glazed soft coated glass which becomes the industry’s first * for single-family houses, and now it has become more effective for heat insulation and heat shielding.
(Except fire protection window / triple glass standard)
As before, the hollow layer is filled with argon gas which enhances heat insulating performance.
*As of Jun 2013

The hollow layer of double glazed glass is expanded to 16 mm which is said to have the most adiabatic effect, and the heat transfer is further reduced.
(In the case of 3 mm glass)

Since the warm edge (low thermal conduction spacer) is adopted as the spacer of the double glazed glass, the occurrence of condensation on the periphery of the window is suppressed as much as possible.
In addition, we adopted plastic ones for the glid and are seeking to improve the heat insulating performance. (Except for atypical windows)

Comparison of surface temperature by thermograph


The combination of PVC sash and low-E double layers are almost unaffected by outer air.
With transparent double-glazed glass, we can not suppress the influence of outer air and it might escape the heat.
Even the window frame is made of aluminum resin composite sash, the coldness of the outer air is transmitted, which may cause dew condensation.