Commitment to flexibility

◇Flexible response to support construction of your dwelling◇

“Montage” has plenty of options to meet your various requests.
Please do not hesitate to consult us, as we are corresponding with a wide-ranging support to help you to make a particular dwelling.

You may choose glasses that match your lifestyles.

“Montage”adopts multi glazed glass which has higher heat insulating performance for the window as standard. We are offering a clear double glazed glass which are made up by two transparent glasses and a low-E double glazed glass coated with a metal on one of the glasses.
Also you can choose whether there is a glid in the hollow layer of double glazed glass.

Thermal insulation specification and thermal sash specification that can be selected according to the performance emphasized.

For Low-E double glazed glass, you may choose either thermal insulation type or thermal sash type depending on the climate of the area where you live or the performance which you emphasize.


Thermal insulation type with Low-E glass at interior side is recommended for the area that needs more heat insulation performance as areas with severe cold or winter.
Thermal insulation type with Low-E glass has enough heat insulation. If you focus on more heat insulation or the house is located on extremely hot area that needs more heat insulation performance, you may choose a heat shield type with Low-E glass on the outdoor side.

Tie plate glass protects the privacy

In areas where you are concerned about the gaze from the outside such as bathing room, you can choose a template glass that blocks the visibility but penetrates the light.


The pattern of the template glass is the most popular “Kasumi (Haze)” .
“Montage” has glid in the hollow layer of double-glazed glass, so the template glass is basically placed on the interior side so that the glid can be seen as seen from the outside.

Crime prevention laminated glass protects important families

“Montage” can also install crime prevention laminated glass that protects important families and property. (Some window types are excluded)


A laminated glass with an interlayer film thickness of 30 mil (about 0.76 mm) is adopted.
Basically the crime prevention laminated glass should be placed at outdoor side.
To combine with crime prevention laminated glass, you may choose from three types, Low-E glass, clear glass, or template glass.
We may produce Single hung /Double hung / Double slider / Awning window, those are certified as CP products.

Tempered glass is hard to break and hard to hurt even it breaks

“Montage” is always hard to break more than 3 to 5 times than regular glass, even it breaks, it is also possible to install tempered glass which is hard to get injured as the whole surface becomes granular.
※ Please be aware that tempered glass does not have crime prevention performance.

Flexible response for customers’ requests

“Montage” is produced on order at domestic factory, so we can respond flexibly according to your request.

Corresponding to cut outer frame


Aerated layer method · Outside insulated method · To make it easy to fit even on thick walls, the outer material with outer frame integrated as a standard. In the case if you will use mortar, stucco or thin exterior material, we will cut the outer frame part to deliver.

We may produce also customized sizes

If it is within the acceptable range other than the standard size, we will correspond to customized size in 1 mm increments.
It is also possible to produce it according to the domestic standard size of sash.

Additionally, we accept the customized windows.


There are some cases that you may produce windows and connection windows the shapes which are not listed in the catalog.
Please do not hesitate to consult us as we will calculate strength, etc. and we will consider whether you would use it safely.