Obsession with design

◇Renders the house with high design◇

“Montage” is an extremely designed window that follows the North American style with slim frames.
The design, size and arrangement of windows are important elements which may give major impression of the house.
Enjoy coordination of color variations freely.

Slim and luxurious frame design


“Montage” creates a luxurious impression like a wooden sash and an antique atmosphere due to a three-dimensional frame design with irregularities, protruding out of a PVC sash with plenty of planar designs, well-designed and attractive window, proposing combined functionality with design.

A resin containing a large amount of titanium oxide ensures rigidity and realizes a slim and stylish North American design.
It ensures the maximum lighting area.
Titanium oxide, it also has the effect of making the resin whiter and self-cleaning if it gets sunlight.

16 kinds of color variations

The exterior frame of “Montage” can be chosen from as many as 16 different color variations.
Enjoy coordination freely according to the image of the exterior wall of the house or the exterior.
It is also you may make original colors as you wish, the possibilities of coordination spreads out.



The In-room view becomes white that is familiar to the cross of the room.


We accept orders for one window.
There are also owners who made into decorative windows such as only one circular window as accent.
The color of the glid is all white.


If you choose a calm color such as dark brown and without glid, it will match in Western-style houses.

Luxury sense of painting


We are performing low-temperature baking double paint by special paint of PVC with high weather resistance and low heat accumulation.
Since the surface is grainy (satin finish), it creates a high-class atmosphere
Any scratches is noticeable.


Variant window that adds accent to the house


Impressive accent is added to the appearance of the house by the windows and they capture bright light into the room.
We can produce circular, octagonal windows and other various types of windows. you can enjoy the design of the window along with the housing.