Gear Honing Wheel

  • Vitrified
  • Resin


・Honing of various types of gears for gear honing machine

Gear Honing Wheel

Features & Benefits

■Due to special coated abrasives, this wheel can improve adherence property.
Due to enforced adherence property, high strength, and high rigidity bond, this wheel can achieve high metal removal rate without teeth breakage of wheel.

■Wide variety of specifications
This wheel meets a wide variety of needs, such as grinding conditions, teeth form accuracy, and surface finish.


Case history

■Honing condition
  ・Wheel specification : 350 x 31.4 x 298 WA 100 V BK17
  ・Workpiece material : SCr420
  ・Module : 2
  ・Number of gear teeth : 74
  ・Pressure angle : 17.5°
  ・Helix angle : 18°
  ・Stock removal : 0.03 – 0.05mm
  ・Wheel rotating speed : 500min−1
  ・Cycle time : 70sec

Cycle time can be decreased by 10 seconds, and dressing interval can be improved by 30% compared with conventional gear honing wheels.