Particulate Respirators 8000 Series <without metal>


    National assay approval (DS2)
    DS2 :
    Operations where metal fumes (including welding fumes) are present

    Particulate Respirators 8000 Series

    Features & Benefits

    ■Particulate Respirators 8000 Series are environmental products without metal. (no need to separate metal at the time of disposal)
    ■Its unique design offers a good-fitting across a wide range of faces.
    ■Lightweight structure makes operators feel more comfortable.
    ■4-position adjustable clip style headband helps provide a comfortable and secure fit.
    Particulate Respirator, KD8502, with a built-in exhalation valve :
    provides easy exhalation and dry comfort even when working hard.

    ※Do not use this respirators as gas masks.