• Abrasives for Printed Circuit Board


 ・Removing permanent hole plugging ink.
 ・Leveling and removing build-up resin.
 ・Removing prepreg resin.
 ・Removing residual copper dust after plating.
 ・Removing the layer after black oxide treatment.
 ・Deburring after drilling.
 ・Surface grinding ceramic and stainless steel.


Features & Benefits

SPIRAL CUTTER, an elastic grinding wheel, is developed based on our know-how and advanced manufacturing technologies combined with coated and bonded abrasives. This advanced wheel consists of bonded abrasive elements on an elastic support. This contributes to fit well to a workpiece surfaces and provides excellent surface finish.

■ Removing and leveling various resin, such as hole plugging ink and build-up resin.
■ Excellent surface leveling and deburring on the surface of PCB.
■ Uniform surface finish without hole roll-off, grinding variation, and wild scratches.
■ Replacing with a new grinding belt after it is worn out, which contributes to a cost reduction and stable quality.
■ This wheel can be used like conventional buffs when mounting the wheel on a machinery or dressing the wheel.