Centerless Grinding Wheel

  • Vitrified
  • Resin


・Bearing parts (needle, roller, and outer ring)
・Engine parts (fuel injection nozzle)
・Machinery parts (pin, and motor shaft, etc)
・Cutting tools (drills, etc)
・Pin and needle
・Hardened steel rod
・High speed tool steels・Alloy steels・Bearing steels・Cast iron, etc.

Centerless Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

Vitrified Bond CBN Wheel
■ Due to strong abrasives holding strength, this wheel offers stable cutting, and dressing interval extension, which contributes to a cost reduction.
■ By employing our advanced manufacturing method, seamless centerless wheel and segment wheel are available..
■ Seamless centerless wheel is designed for high-precision grinding.

Resin Bond CBN Wheel
■ Due to its self-sharpening, resin bond wheel is easy to use and offers stable free cutting.