Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

  • Vitrified
  • Resin


・Shaft / Automobile parts / Bearing / Sendzimir mill roll
・High speed tool steels / Alloy steels / Bearing steels / Cast iron, etc

Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

Vitrified Bond CBN Wheel
It is possible to true this wheel by rotary truer.
■ VC5P
Due to high porosity, this wheel achieves reduction of heat generation during grinding operation, and is suitable for heat sensitive steels.
■ VCK30
This wheel has excellent cutting ability and is applicable for general purpose such as cylindrical and surface grinding, etc.
■ VC16
This wheel is suitable for crank and cam shaft grinding and cylindrical grinding with high metal removal rate.


Resin Bond CBN Wheel
■ Due to its self-sharpening, resin bond wheel is easy to use.
■ Due to moderate abrasive holding strength and wear-resistance, this wheel is suitable for roughing with free cutting.
■ Due to elasticity, this wheel using fine grits is suitable for finishing.