Cutting-Off Wheel

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K-Cut Mukade Ichijin :
Cutting-off thin steel sheet, corrugated sheet, small diameter pipe, small diameter round bar, and thin stainless steel sheet.

K-Cut Mukade Shogun :
Cutting-off structural steel, stainless steel, and small diameter round bar, etc.
・Zinc-coated steel :
A wide variety of steels for general structure (ceiling, wall).
・Carbon steel tube/pipe (water, gas).
・Stainless steel (round & square stainless pipe, round bar, and flat bar).

Cutting-Off Wheel

Features & Benefits

■K-Cut Mukade Ichijin :
1. Due to ultra-thin type (1.0mm – 1.7mm thick), this wheel can achieve excellent cutting results at high cutting speed.
2. By employing advanced bond system, this wheel offers less burn and burr free-cutting on cutting surfaces than conventional cutting-off wheels.
3. The wheel (1.6mm thick, 105mm diameter) realizes higher cutting speed than "Mukade Shogun" (2.5mm thick, 105mm diameter) and longer wheel life than "Mukade Ichigin" (1.0mm thick, 105mm diameter)
■K-Cut Mukade Shogun :
Employs zirconia abrasives and advanced bond system, this wheel offers excellent cutting ability and long wheel life.


Applications / Features & Benefits

K-Cut G type :
Cutting-off structural steel (angle, channel, and pipe, etc).
K-Cut S type :
Cutting-off gauge steel (pipe, tube, bar, etc) made from stainless steel, cast iron, and structural steel, etc.

【Features & Benefits】
■K-Cut G type :
This wheel is a standard cutting-off wheel designed for cutting a wide variety of structural steels.
■K-Cut S type :
By employing high performance abrasives and our own manufacturing method, this wheel is suited for cutting-off gauge or alloy steel.


Applications / Features & Benefits

Cutting-off structural steel (angle, channel, and pipe, etc).

【Features & Benefits】
■Employing ziroconia abrasives, this wheel offers great cutting ability with low pressure and long wheel life.