Rubber Grinding Wheel

  • Vitrified


・Rubber roll grinding
・Resin roll grinding
・Vinyl chloride grinding
・Plastic grinding

Rubber Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

■ Specific structure with large round pores
Due to large round pores, this wheel provides :
1) Great cool cutting ability, which prevents chips from melting
2) Less loading
3) Long dressing interval
As a result of this, this wheel is suitable for rubber roll and resin roll grinding.
■ Consistent grinding performance with minute scratches
By employing our strong bond, this wheel prevents falling abrasives, which contributes to consistent grinding performance with minute scratches.


In-house test

■Grinding conditions
 ・Grinding mode : Wet surface traverse grinding
 ・Wheel specification : 205 × 15 × 50.8 GC 120 D C VA-8
           205 × 15 × 50.8 GC 120 DV Conventional wheel
 ・Workpiece material : Nitrile rubber
 ・Wheel speed : 30m/s
 ・Table speed : 0.6m/s
 ・Cross speed : 5mm/pass
 ・Infeed rate : 0.030mm/pass
 ・Stock removal : 1mm
 ・Dresser : Prismatic dresser
 ・Coolant : KURECUT NS201 (2%)

Surface roughness was improved by approx. 5% and MRR was improved by approx. 13% compared with conventional wheel.