Ultra Elastic Resin Bond Micro Grit Wheel “PF3”

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・Mirror finishing on brittle materials.

Ultra Elastic Resin Bond Micro Grit Wheel “PF3”

Features & Benefits

■High efficient processing on brittle material with minute damage
Its specific elasticity and strong abrasives holding strength offer soft acting and stable abrasives penetration into workpiece.
This is applicable for highly efficient processing on brittle materials which tend to generate chipping and cracking.
■Wide option in elasticity for various needs
From high elastic modulus aiming at free cutting and severe dimensional tolerance of workpiece to low modulus for surface finish, wide option is available for various applications and needs.


Case history

■Grinding conditions
 ・Grinding mode : Surface wet plunge grinding
 ・Wheel specifications : 205 × 15 × 50.8 GC 220 K 6 PF3
 ・Workpiece material : TFT glass
 ・Pre-grinding : Metal diamond wheel(#400)
 ・Wheel speed : 33m/s
 ・Table speed : 5m/s
 ・Infeed rate : 2㎛ /pass
 ・Coolant : City water