Porous Elastic Bond Wheel “PF2”

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・Finish grinding on bearing rollers and so on
・Finish grinding on shock absorber
・Finish grinding on piston pins
・Finish grinding on valve
・Finish grinding on shaft of office automation equipment

Porous Elastic Bond Wheel “PF2”

Features & Benefits

■Wide option in elasticity for various needs
From high elastic modulus aiming at free cutting and severe dimensional tolerance of workpiece to low modulus for surface finish…, wide option is available for various applications and needs.
■Combined structure for rough-finish grinding
Different specifications layered toward thickness offers rough to finish grinding in centerless throughfeed grinding application. It is available to process at the same time a couple of portions required different tolerance in surface/cylindrical plunge cut grinding applications.


Case history

■Grinding conditions
  ・Grinding mode : Cylindrical wet traverse grinding
  ・Wheel specifications : 405x25x152.4 WA 500 Q 2 PF2
              405x25x152.4 WA 1200 E 9 PF2
  ・Workpiece material : S45C(Unhardened)
  ・Wheel speed : 33m/s
  ・Work speed : 0.33m/s
  ・Traverse speed : 0.02m/s
  ・Depth of cut : φ 10 μ m/Pass
  ・Coolant : KURECUT NS201 (2%)