Ultra Porous Resin Bond Micro Grit Wheel “BFT3”

  • Resin


・Mirror finishing on steel
・Mirror finishing on aluminum, copper, titanium,
 and other types of soft metal

Ultra Porous Resin Bond Micro Grit Wheel “BFT3”

Features & Benefits

■Mirror finishing with minute scratches
Beautiful mirror finishing with minute scratches can be offered by the effects of independently coated abrasives with bond and its proper elasticity.
■Stable grinding without clogging on soft metal
Homogeneously placed pores up to 70vol% offers stable grinding on soft metal which tends to generate loading and deposition on the surface of wheel.


Case history

■Grinding conditions
  ・Grinding mode : Surface wet traverse grinding
  ・Wheel specifications : 205x19x50.8 GC 2000 F 2 BFT3
              205x19x50.8 GC 800 F 4 BFT3
  ・Workpiece material l : S55C (Unhardened)
  ・Wheel speed : 30m/s
  ・Table speed : 0.33m/s
  ・Depth of cut : 2.0μm /pass
  ・Coolant : KURECUT NS201 (2%)