SG Series

  • Vitrified
  • Resin



  • Precision grinding for unhardened and hardenedsteels,such as cast iron,carbon steels, alloysteels, and tool steels, etc.



  • Crank journal grinding, pin grinding
  • Camprofile grinding
  • Creepfeed grinding
  • Tool and Toolroom grinding

Features & Benefits

SG abrasive

SG abrasive is high purity, ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive with a submicron crystalline structure deprived from a
seeded gel sintering process.
Due to superior hardness, strength, and fracture toughness to conventional fused aluminum oxide abrasive, SG abrasive provides excellent durability and high stock removal rate characteristics on the most demanding applications.


Selection of the bond type for SG abrasive :

 □VSG-1 is standard bond
 □VSG-8 is designed for hard grade
 □VSG-1R, and VSG-8R are designed for semi-porous wheel
 □VSG-1P, and VSG-1P1 are designed for porous wheel
 □VSGA3 is designed for high-porous wheel for creepfeed grinding