• Precision grinding for unhardened and hardenedsteels,such as cast iron,carbon steels, alloysteels, and tool steels, etc.



  • Crank journal grinding, pin grinding
  • Camprofile grinding
  • Creepfeed grinding
  • Tool and Toolroom grinding

Features & Benefits

SG abrasive

SG abrasive is high purity, ceramic aluminum oxide abrasive with a submicron crystalline structure deprived from a
seeded gel sintering process.
Due to superior hardness, strength, and fracture toughness to conventional fused aluminum oxide abrasive, SG abrasive provides excellent durability and high stock removal rate characteristics on the most demanding applications.


Selection of the bond type for SG abrasive :

 □VSG-1 is standard bond
 □VSG-8 is designed for hard grade
 □VSG-1R, and VSG-8R are designed for semi-porous wheel
 □VSG-1P, and VSG-1P1 are designed for porous wheel
 □VSGA3 is designed for high-porous wheel for creepfeed grinding





【Bond : V201, V208】
・Precision grinding for hardened steel, such as
 carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels,
 and die steels, etc.
【Bond : V303】
・Angular grinding
・Centerless grinding
・Other precision grinding
・Precision grinding for alloy steels, tool steels,
 and other hardened steels

高能率・高精度 80シリーズ

Features & Benefits

■80A wheel
80A abrasive is a monocrystalline alumina abrasive, manufactured by the advanced technique.
Due to the extreme hardness and unique fracturing which generates many new cutting edges,
it has longer wheel life and lower grinding force than that of WA.
It also gives better cost performance than a ceramic abrasive wheel at low metal removal rate of 3mm3/mm・sec.

■Selection of the bond type for 80A abrasive:
  □V201 is the standard vitrified bond.
  □V208 is designated for hard grade
  □V201R, and V208 are designated for semi-porous wheel.
  □V201P is designated for porous wheel.
  □V203 is designated for high-porous wheel.

■85A wheel
85A abrasive is developed for higher grinding performance than that of a conventional pink colored alundum abrasive.

Case history

■Grinding conditions
  ・Grinding mode : Cylindrical plung grinding
  ・Wheel specifications :405 × 25 × 152.4 WA 60 K 8 VSK-1
                 32A 60 K 8 VSK-1
                 80A 60 K 8 V201
  ・Workpiece material : S55C(φ 60mm HRc58)
  ・Wheel speed : 33m/s
  ・Work speed : 0.33m/s
  ・Coolant : KURECUT NET-500B (X50)

■Grinding conditions
  ・Grinding mode : Cylindrical grinding
  ・Wheel specifications :405 × 25 × 152.4 80A 60 K 8 V303
                 405 × 25 × 152.4 32A 60 K 8 VSK-1
  ・Workpiece material : S55C (Hardened)
  ・Wheel speed : 33m/s
  ・Work speed : 0.3m/s
  ・Coolant : KURECUT NET500B (2%)
  ・MRR(Z‘) : 2.5,5mm3/mm・sec

  Compared with conventional wheels (32A wheel), 85A wheel indicated as follows:
  Grinding ratio : Improve by 30%
  Grinding force : Decrease by 6%
  Surface roughness : Equivalent

■Grinding conditions
  In-house grinding test results


・Camshaft grinding
・Crankshaft grinding

Camshaft and Crankshaft Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

■This vitrified grinding wheel can achieve high metal removal rate and high accuracy for camshaft and crankshaft grinding.
■Due to our advanced technology, this wheel can achieve high quality and consistency, which contributes to your productivity improvement and cost reduction.


・Various types of gear grinding(special speed is available)

Gear Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

■This gear grinding wheel can achieve high metal removal rate and high accuracy for gear grinding.
■Wide variety of gear grinding wheels are available with various types of gear grinding machines.
SG series are used for high metal removal rate with high accuracy.


・Honing of various types of gears for gear honing machine

Gear Honing Wheel

Features & Benefits

■Due to special coated abrasives, this wheel can improve adherence property.
Due to enforced adherence property, high strength, and high rigidity bond, this wheel can achieve high metal removal rate without teeth breakage of wheel.

■Wide variety of specifications
This wheel meets a wide variety of needs, such as grinding conditions, teeth form accuracy, and surface finish.


Case history

■Honing condition
  ・Wheel specification : 350 x 31.4 x 298 WA 100 V BK17
  ・Workpiece material : SCr420
  ・Module : 2
  ・Number of gear teeth : 74
  ・Pressure angle : 17.5°
  ・Helix angle : 18°
  ・Stock removal : 0.03 – 0.05mm
  ・Wheel rotating speed : 500min−1
  ・Cycle time : 70sec

Cycle time can be decreased by 10 seconds, and dressing interval can be improved by 30% compared with conventional gear honing wheels.


・Double disc grinding for bearing and automobile parts

Double Disc Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

■Resinoid bond wheel
Double disc grinding has board area of contact with workpiece and between wheel faces, which causes heat generation.
Due to advanced filler and resinoid bond system, this wheel can prevent grinding burn and cracking with free-cutting.

■Epoxy bond wheel
By employing our advanced epoxy bond developed for high efficient grinding of unhardened steels, this wheel can achievehigh productivity and prevent grinding burn.
This wheel is suitable for grinding unhardened steels.

Features & Benefits

■Vitrified bond wheel
High durable vitrified bond wheels.
■Resinoid bond wheel
Due to high accuracy and long life, this wheel provides good surface roughness and high sphericity.

Steel Ball Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

■Vitrified bond wheel
Due to high rigidity and strong bond, this wheel can achieve free-cutting without scratches.
■Resinoid bond wheel

Due to elastic bond, this wheel can achieve high metal removal rate without chatter marks.
Due to strong abrasives holding strength, this wheel provides long life with minute scratches.

Roll Grinding Wheel


・Turbine blades

Creepfeed Grinding Wheel

Features & Benefits

■Due to advanced high porous structure, this wheel can readily transport coolant in and swarf out.
As a result of this, this wheel can achieve excellent grinding performance with less grinding heat.


・Mirror finishing on steel
・Mirror finishing on aluminum, copper, titanium,
 and other types of soft metal

Ultra Porous Resin Bond Micro Grit Wheel “BFT3”

Features & Benefits

■Mirror finishing with minute scratches
Beautiful mirror finishing with minute scratches can be offered by the effects of independently coated abrasives with bond and its proper elasticity.
■Stable grinding without clogging on soft metal
Homogeneously placed pores up to 70vol% offers stable grinding on soft metal which tends to generate loading and deposition on the surface of wheel.


Case history

■Grinding conditions
  ・Grinding mode : Surface wet traverse grinding
  ・Wheel specifications : 205x19x50.8 GC 2000 F 2 BFT3
              205x19x50.8 GC 800 F 4 BFT3
  ・Workpiece material l : S55C (Unhardened)
  ・Wheel speed : 30m/s
  ・Table speed : 0.33m/s
  ・Depth of cut : 2.0μm /pass
  ・Coolant : KURECUT NS201 (2%)




Grinding wheels for various wafers and glasses用ホイール


Grinding wheels for various wafers and glasses用ホイール
Internal grinding wheel