Thai Sales Office

Our Sales Office

In 2009, our business service started at Taipei City, and
in 2010, our office have moved to Taichung City.

Based in the center of Taiwan, our sales persons execute the business operation in various fields from northern part to southern part of Taiwan.
In order to conduct sales promoting activity, sales office in Taiwan provide technical assistance and support of sales agent and end users.

In the Taiwan sales office, there are three Taiwanese and one Japanese, who correspond to English, Chinese, and Japanese.
Thai Sales Office Appearance of Office Building

Details of Business / Sales Area

There are many precision equipment manufacturers in Taiwan.
Therefore, we mainly sale diamond wheel for electronics, and non-woven abrasive wheel for printed circuit board, etc.
<Sales area>

<Industries of Our Customers>
Industrial abrasive coated material
Superabrasive wheel for metal working
Diamond wheel for electronics
Non-woven abrasive wheel for printed circuit board

Director’s voice 

This is Liu, director of Taiwan sales office.

It has been passed eight years since our sales office was opened.
We would appreciate your continued support and business activities in Taiwan.

We believe that we would build much stronger sales structure
with our business partners between in Taiwan and in Japan.

Thank you very much for your continuous support.

Office Address and Contacts

4F-6 D, No. 238, Jinhua N. Rd., North District,
Taichung City 404, Taiwan
■Phone 886-4-2236-0039
■FAX 886-4-2236-8147
■E-Mail taiwan.office@kgw.co.jp