Thai Sales Office

Our Sales Office

We support sales agencies and users in Europe.
We also support inquiries about products, technical inquiries and referrals of agents.

Currently, since the establishment of the sales office had passed short time, we mainly focus on maintenance of sales offices and following-ups for existing customers, but we will expand the scope of activities to new customers in the future as well.

In Europe, if you have any issue for grinding wheels, please feel free to contact us.
Thai Sales Office Appearance of Office Building

Details of Business / Sales Area

We support Sales Agencies and Users in Europe.
We also support inquiries about products, technical inquiries, and referrals of agents.
<Sales area>
Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary,
Slovakia, France, Italy, Turkey etc.

<Industries of Our Customers>
Automobiles, bearings, steel, semiconductors,
air conditioners etc. Appliances etc.

Director’s voice 

This is Yamanaka, of Kure Grinding Wheel (Deutschland) GmbH Sales Office.
This office had initiated its function from July 2017.

Our products were also used in the European area, but sometimes as we are far from Japan,
the support activities were insufficient. In parallel with launch of sales offices,
we will proactively engage in sales activities.

Combining the good points of both, Japan and Europe,
we will provide better services.

Office Address and Contacts

 Emanuel-Leutze-Str.21, 40547
 Duesseldorf Germany
■Phone 49-211-17834620
■FAX 49-211-17834625
■E-Mail Germany.office@kgw.co.jp