Environmental Management System

Environmental policy

【Basic philosophy】

KURE GRINDING WHEEL CO., LTD. will carry out resource recycling, resource conservation, and energy conservation activities in order to achieve a better global environment and contribute to society.

【Basic policy】
  1. All employees shall be engaged in programs related to all of our business activities, products, and services which affect the environment.
  2. We will observe all laws and ordinances related to the environment, as well as all other requirements that our company has agreed to.
  3. We will provide products with lower environmental impacts, reduce the amounts of waste, promote recycling and energy conservation, and work to protect the global environment and prevent environmental contamination.
  4. We will establish and implement environmental objectives and targets, and shall review the environmental management system regularly as we continually work to maintain and improve it.
  5. All employees shall be aware of this environmental policy and it shall be available for examination by ordinary persons.


3 R’s

We will carry out the 3 R’s for activities that are aimed at the effective use of resources and at reducing waste materials.

  • Reduce: In order to make the most effective possible use of limited resources, we are reviewing manufacturing processes and changing raw materials to reduce the amounts of waste.
  • Reuse: We are reusing product packaging materials, parts, and other items repeatedly in order to prevent wasteful use of resources.
  • Recycle: Waste materials from each workplace are carefully separated and recycled.
Energy conservation

Large amounts of fuel and electrical power are used in the manufacture of grinding wheels. We will reduce energy loss and carry out more efficient manufacturing in order to reduce consumption of petroleum resources and lower emissions of the global warming gas CO2.

Measures for gas emissions

We have constructed a monitoring system for toxic substances, unpleasant odors, and other items in gas emissions which affect the environment. We have installed deodorizing equipment following the sintering process, and are making other equipment improvements aimed at avoiding negative environmental impacts.

Management for reduction of environmental impact substances

Environmental impact substances are those which have a large effect on ecosystems and the human body. KGW manages the conditions of use and release of substances which are subject to PRTR requirements.
We have formulated and are carrying out plans aimed at reducing the amounts of these environmental impact substances which are handled.

History of environmental programs

KGW program
Founded as Kure Grinding Wheel Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Changed company name to KURE GRINDING WHEEL CO., LTD.
Began monthly Environmental Meetings.
Established the Resource Recycling Promotion Dept.
Started operation of a recycling plant.
Acquired certification as a wide-area recycling-designated industrial waste processor.
Established the Environmental Management Dept.
Formulated the environmental policy and publicized it broadly within and beyond the company.
Established an environmental management program as mid- and long-range environmental targets.
Established the Environmental Management Promotion Committee.
Kure Plant and Kure District acquired ISO14001 certification.
Acquired certification based on the industrial waste wide-area certification system.
Chiba Plant acquired ISO14001 certification.
Taiwan KGW acquired ISO14001 certification.