Standing Inventory Items

Protective Eyewear

Features & Benefits

■ EDGE :
・The rubber-tipped straight temples are flexible, which helps fit comfortably on the head, and also stay in place.
・ A soft nosepiece eases strain on nose.
・"Self-Adjusting" temples help conform to many facial curvatures.

■ NORTON 180 :
・ Wide field of view (210°).
・Fits over most prescription eyewear.

・Fits over most prescription eyewear.
・Wide viewing field.

・These spectacles offer protection to plant visitors.

■ Protective Goggles 1052 :
・Wide and wraparound lens.
・Large frame designed to fit over protective or prescription eyewear.

≪Features by lens color≫
● Yellow : Increases contrast at hazy, overcast or foggy days. Suitable for inspection tasks.

● Gray : Suitable for inspection tasks where sunlight and glare cause eye strain and fatigue.