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XEBEC® Cross-Hole Deburring Tool


Ceramic Stone Type :
Efficient removal of fine burrs after machine processing.
Also use in a machining center, NC lathe, robot, etc.
By selecting a head that is slightly larger than the diameter of the secondary hole, this product efficiently remove fine burrs.
Alumina Fiber Rod Type :
Burrs are accurately removed of the cross-hole.
Also can be used for polishing or scale removal on inner wall surface of cylinders.

Features & Benefits

Ceramic Stone Type :
“Point processing” efficiently removes only fine cross-hole burrs. Flexible shaft for soft contact with the workpiece.
Tool head is made of alumina fiber abrasive stone. Cutting edges are exposed over the enter surface.

Alumina Fiber Rod Type :
Powerful tip grinding with “XEBEC® Cutting Fiber” for rods made of alumina fiber abrasive stone.
Due to centrifugal force generated by rotation, burrs are completely removed without amaging periphery of the cross-hole and without breaking the edge pattern.